Footmen is a 12 players autospawn map with heroes. Every player starts with one base building that automatically produces units and 1 hero. You only have 1 base building and 1 hero throughout the game. The goal of the game is to use your units to kill the basebuildings of all your enemies.


Your hero

At the moment, there are 15 heros to choose from . Heroes start with a basic weapon and can use special abilities such as psi storm and heal. As the game progresses your hero will gain experience (by being active in battles) which allows you to give your hero more abilities or stronger versions of the abilities. You also get experience points to divide of your heros Agility (movement & attackspeed), Strength (hp & hp regeneration) and Intelligence (mana, mana regeneration & spell damage). For newer players it’s recommended not to invest 2 in intelligence and 1 in strength and agility each. If a hero dies it will automatically respawn after about a minute and killing a hero gives whoever killed it a large amount of minerals and experience. Kerrigan is probably one of the strongest heros for new players, but a random hero (the question mark) is also a good pick because you’ll get some free items. See also: Why to choose Random

Your base building

Every player starts with a base building (the Barracks) that automatically produces Marines. Here you can buy upgrades for your units or start producing a different type (hier tier) of units. Unit upgrades are applied instantly but a new unittype needs to be freshly produced. Earning experience and minerals


Earning experience and minerals

You get minerals and experience for killing heros, buildings and units. The amount of minerals you get for a unit depends solely on its unittype: higher tiers give more minerals. Heros give the most minerals and experience, and you should take any chance you can get to kill one (though preferably not losing your own hero in the process). Things you can buy

Things you can buy

With the minerals you earn you can buy several things, ordered by importance: Unit Attack/Defense/Health upgrades: This works pretty much like normal starcraft. Unit Tier upgrades: Allows you to start producing different, stronger, unittype instead of your current type. Hero Items: These give your hero extra abilities, such as a stronger weapon or detection for invisible units. Zoo units: These are special units you can buy individually from your Zoo shop. Selling


If you’re in need of minerals it’s possible to sell any of your hero items for half price. You can sell an item by opening your inventory (by clicking the + sign), right clicking the item you want to sell, then rightclicking (dropping) it onto a shop.

How to play