HP 750
Mana 150
Armor 1
Movement-Speed 1.55


Egon is a defensive and supportive hero. He makes nearby units incredibly durable due to his shield and healing capabilities.
His strengths lie in early game, where he can easily dominate any other army once he got ahead a bit. Due to his lack of buffs he can’t be played very aggressively,
if not provided with those from another source, such as scrolls or a templar. As Egon has a very strong unit play without those sources, he can get ridiculously strong if supplied with them.
His main weakness are aoe-spells though; While he is capable of keeping single hero-threats away with his feedback, multiple damage sources that deal splash will make short process of his units.


How to Play                                                                                                       

The Start

It is very much recommended, that you use Guardian Shield and 4 points for intelligence at first. Taking away 2 points of damage from every attack is VERY useful against other marines early on. If you can’t reach the middle you won’t be able to cast the Guardian Shield continuously, therefore the intelligence-points. Feedback is only an option if you expect heavy harass from one single target, but then again, you won’t be able to protect yourself from any other source. Heal is NO option at the start, because Marines are not worth saving, lvl1 heal is very weak and it only drains essential mana from your hero, that you will need for Guardian Shield and Feedback. Heal will become more important again at later stages of the game, as it is really worth saving those units, your heal can be skilled to a decent level and your hero should have enough mana to heal and shield constantly without any problems.

Hero Egon

Compared to other heroes, Egon’s hero builds are rather weak. He has no scaling damage spell to profit from int, and lacks a buff to support his damage capabilities with weapons.
His shield, however, allows him to play a very, very durable str play, which allows him to take no visible damage until fighting T4 units.

Equipped with a Flamethrower and some defensive items, such as a Blood Tooth and an armor, he will easily walk through any army unharmed, but leaving heavy damage in the enemy’s rows.
Compared to other viable str heroes, like Liquid Snake and Rory Swann he lacks mobility and has therefore to be played VERY agressively! The way to success leads into other people’s bases,
where they can’t outrun you. Finding a base with no base defenses or unupgraded marines is the best way to ensure your dominance.

But keep in mind: Just with any other Egon-build, you either get ahead, or you are dead!

Zoo Egon

While it’s a rather unusual build, egon works very well together with any kind of zoo play. His shield can make any of your precious units naturally tanky, while his heal can easily outheal the rest of the damage
Ghosts or Roaches in the hand of a skilled Egon-player become sheer immortal forces, and Vultures as well as Voidrays get from annoying to devastating.

Supportive unit-play is also an incredibly strong option for Egon. A Templar will make your stacked units incredibly aggressive, but your shield keeps them tanky. And a few medivacs will make your already durable force even more durable, as the little damage your units get, will be counter-healed immediately.

Unit Egon

The most commonly played version of Egon; while other heroes usually need some tricks to keep their units alive, Egon does everything by himself. So why not use this advantage and get your lead in upgrades as early as possible?

A common strategy is, to get a lot of armor upgrades early on. About 3 armor upgrades in combination with your shield will reduce any received damage from other units to a laughable amount.
Depending on the game progress and other people’s builds, you can either start rolling over other armies with highly upgraded marines, or upgrade to higher tiers, to counter the oh so dangerous aoe-damage as early as possible.

The most frequent choice for race with egon is terran; it is the only race with no melee units in it, thus you can fit all your ranged units easily under your shield.
Also Egon counters Terran’s only weakness, their missing sustain!

Other viable options include:

  • Skipping from Marines to Hydras
  • Abuse early armor advantage with zealots
  • Stack preservers, upgrade to dark zealots, farm as much as possible with the remaining preservers and get as many upgrades as possible. Then run over bases.