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    lately i have an issue, that i didn’t have in the past. I wonder, if that happens just to me or to others too and whether it’s a SC2 problem or a Footmen problem:

    From time to time (2 or 3 times each day) my internet provider automatically gives me a new IP address at random times. That process usually takes 30 seconds until i am reconnected with a new IP address. In the past i just had to wait those 30 seconds and then i could continue the Footmen game and the others would just see that timer counting until 30 or 35 seconds. Now when i have one of those random reconnections during a Footmen match, that particular match doesn’t reconnect me and i time out, so that i cannot continue playing that particular match. The strange thing is, that Starcraft 2 reconnects my account fast enough, but Footmen throws me out.

    Is the same thing happening to other players too and if so, is this a Footmen related issue that Senfkatze could change?



    I doubt this is footmen related

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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