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    Just wanted to say that over the past we have slowly removed some of the hard counters to heroes:

    1) not completely sure of this but when i used ray5 lately my opponent could still blink – text reads “applies dispell effect”
    2) stun rockets got that nerf (small as it might be)
    3) ghost corruption got a nerf (removes like 5 armor or so, doesnt stack)

    you have to be somewhat mechanically sound to control your army and/or zoo units and hero to catch a tanky hero, but then you have to deal 3k damage before he recovers/escapes.
    on the other hand using oner key to escape 95% of the chases requires no skill. Can we end the cat an mouse game and give people with good mechanics an option out? for example let the ghost corruption stack, increase blink cooldown so that it cant be used every 7 seconds.

    as i mentioned a while back, many games revolve around either sniping broodlords or playing cat and mouse with hero players. vipers kinda deal with broods, but we have nothing that kills a 3k 30armor blinking rory.




    You are sick to overfeeding.

    Overfeeding is not really a balance issue, it might be adjusted but it could quickly fuck up entire gamestyles, helping newbies would help more imo even if its a hard work, either for personal or general help.

    Overfeed factor is mainly related to the amount of “meat” you can find on the battlefield > the more beginners in lobby, the more high your chances are to get a potentially broken heroes.

    Proof is that when you get a lobby with only good players, hero play is way less of an issue.

    Zoo players can also abuse this with “brokenboringcamping hardtocounter lowskillstrats” like brooodlords or tanks.

    I think that we should not be too mean with the hero play.

    Units players and “active” zoo unit play benefit less from this because of KOH, mobility lack, and stab threats.

    However I tend to agree with the global idea of stacks, moba’s should help us building footmen great, and I think that it mainly would be fun and skill rewarding to stack bonus with heroes that would be removed when the hero dies :D, maybe same with zoo units, but I dont think it would be a way to solve our problem here, it would only make hero&zoo play less accessible to beginners who would die or loose zoo units more often.

    btw > patch the fucking broodlords.




    no1 writing here in forum since many months?
    i left the forum since 1 year because forum community dont like the ones who tell about facts 🙂

    told many times –we need to do something about premades and broodlord players, or the game will die soon— and i had ideas for that. And i fighted for that,

    now is looks like not only the game, also forum is dead .. 🙂
    because there is NO new players going on playing it after getting several test- play- taste of broodlords or Premades it on their head.
    now very hard to full fill even -9 player lobby- even in prime times.

    just played against kingpin & proprob vs me and Shino,
    these %100 premade guys wrote to all gg because the game was really finished,, we would win easyly.
    Ups but what? they bought broodlords and decided to go on the game….

    Kingpin, you often say its just a game,
    i indeed,
    and broodlords and premades kills all the fun of that just the game

    so, looks like all the community players the same like in previous years ( the same stubborn minded)
    the only thing which is not like previous years is the fact that you guys really did kill the that game this time.

    as i was one of the rebellions who fighted against that soldier fasizm attack in Turkey,
    i advice you : run after what u believe,
    be a rebel in a simple game, be a rebel in real life.
    be a man in game, be a man in real life


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    You mean the soldier atack organized by Ankara himself??NICE STORY BRO





    You mean the soldier atack organized by Ankara himself??NICE STORY BRO

    check other world news man, dont waste ur time by following a 3rd world country politicians shits.. ))

    no they didnt organize this by themselves, buttt they knew that it would happen, but they didnt stop it beforehand on purpose,
    they knew it is weak and they will be democracy heros at the end of the day.. so they didnt stop it ))



    Grouchy Smurf is better ))

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    a third world country hehe

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