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Donate to Footmen Mod
A lot of people asked me to make a Donation System like some of the other Starcraft Mods have.
I decided to do that now, although i don’t think there’ll be a lot of donations.

So i decided to give it a try, whoever wants to donate, just click the button at the top.
You may choose any amount.

Those, who donate, will recieve some special bonuses:
I decided to give some nice bonuses to ppl who donate:
– If you donate 10 €, you can have a sound (voice command) in the game. You choose the sound, and then when someone types a specific command ingame, your sound will be played (just like the “hi” and “mozart” sounds etc…)
– If you donate 10 €, you will get one hour of coaching / playing / whatever you want with me. Basically, you get 1 hour of my time. We can just play, you can have me coaching you (in Footmen, but also in normal SC2, im a Master Protoss player). You may also interview me for example, or just talk about Footmen, whatever you want to do. (I can use Teamspeak or Skype, i speak german and english)
– If you donate 10€ or more, I will upgrade your account to a premium account which allows you to use special voice commands, get special models and units / items (of course none of the units / items is really game-deciding, i dont want to give someone a gameplay advantage, because he spent money)
– 15€: I will name a new hero / item / weapon after you (or a name of your choice)
– 15€: I will add a new voice command of your choice
– 100 €: romantic dinner with me

So, whoever feels like he want to support the project, or just get some of those bonuses, feel free to donate, i really appreciate it.

I clearly point out that this is not a buy or a purchase. You will not have any waranty or right of return. When making a donation, you don’t have any rights on any of the bonuses. It is just a present i may choose to give to you.